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Kart Elastic Stop Nuts
Elastic stop nuts.
Kart Allen Head Bolt
$0.35 - $0.65
Allen head bolts
Kart Counter Sunk Bolt
$0.40 - $0.95
Counter Sunk Bolts
Kart Safety Clip for 5mm Pins
Safety clip for 5mm pins.
Dellorto Dellorto Needle Clip
Dellorto needle clip.
Kart Non Hardening Yellow Fuel Line
Non Hardening yellow fuel line. Sold by the foot.
Kart Throttle Cable Housing
Teflon lined housing is sold by the foot. Black in color.
Honda Honda CR125 Exhaust Manifold O-Ring
Replacement black Viton exhaust O-Rings for CR125 and CR80 O-Ring exhaust manifolds.
Kart Clutch Cable Housing
Oversized teflon lined cable housing for clutch cables. Sold by the foot.
Kart 14mm Elastic Stop Nut - For most front spindles
14mm elastic stop nut that fits most front spindles on shifter type karts.
Kart 5/8
5/8" water hose. Sold by the foot.
Kart Counter Sunk Aluminum Washer - Black
Counter sunk aluminum washer for finihing on karts.
Kart Tubeless Valve Stem - Short
Short tubeless valve stem.
RK #35 Master Link
RK #35 master link.
Kart Water Pump Bearing #608
Water pump bearing for most axle driven type of water pumps. #608 bearing.
Honda 1999 Honda CR125 OEM Circlips - Pair
1999 Honda CR125 wrist pin circlips. Sold as a pair(2). Part number 94601-150000
Kart 8mm Cylinder Wheel Nuts
8mm cylinder wheel nuts. Silver in color. 30mm long.
"T" fuel line connector.
"Y" fuel line connector
Kart Overhead Cable Clamp Bolt
Overhead cable clamp for throttle cables.
Kart Side Mount Cable Clamp Bolt
Side mount cable clamp. Two sizes in stock, throttle cables and clutch cables.
Kart Throttle Cable
Small end throttle cable that fits most carburaters. 1.2x2000mm long.
Kart 8mm Wheel Studs
8mm studs for wheel nuts.
Kart Double Bolt Cable Clamp
Double bolt cable clamp.
Kart Axle Key, Non Peg
$3.98 - $6.98
Axle key is 8mm wide by 60mm long and non pegged.
Kart #219 Replacement Chain Pin
#219 replacement chain pin for chain tool.
Honda 1999 Honda CR125 Cylinder Head Inner O Ring
Viton O-Ring for engines that utilize an O-Ring in the head or the cylinder. This O-Ring is the inner ring.
Honda 1999 Honda CR125 Cylinder Head Outer O-Ring
Viton O-Ring for engines that utilize an O-Ring in the head or cylinder. This O-Ring is the outer ring.
Kart Clutch Cable
Clutch cable fits most shifter karts. 1.9x2000mm
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