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Kart 5/8
5/8" water hose. Sold by the foot.
Kart Water Pump Bearing #608
Water pump bearing for most axle driven type of water pumps. #608 bearing.
Kart Braided Water Pump Belt
Braided water pump belt for axle driven type water pumps.
Kart 90 Degree Bend 5/8
90 degree bend 5/8" water hose. 600mm/24" long.
Kart Water Pump Rebuild Kit
Water pump rebuild kit for most axle driven water pumps.
Kart 50mm Aluminum Water Pump Pulley - Black
50mm aluminum water pump pulley. Black in color
Kart Aluminum Water Pump
Complete aluminum water pump.
Kart Water Temperature Inline Thermostat with 10mm Probe
Inline thermostat with 10mm temperature probe for connection to gauges
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