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Phone: (505) 884-6607

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Mon- Fri: 10 AM - 6 PM, Sat: 9 AM - 5 PM & Closed Sunday

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Feature Items

  • Garmin Edge 510

    Tell the world what you accomplished with Garmin's Edge 510. Sure, this water-resistant wonder has great metrics like speed, distance, ride time, and optional power with… [more]

  • Avenir Plush Plus Saddle

    Avenir's Plush Plus Saddle has a web-spring base to evenly distribute the your weight, a center channel to eliminate pressure and 2 rear coil springs to soak up the… [more]

  • Shaversport New Mexico Jersey

    New Mexico jerseys have the Zia symbol on the front and back. We have both mens and ladies jerseys in stock. The mens jersey is yellow and red. The ladies jersey is pink… [more]

  • CamelBak Classic
    Product Rating
    5.0 stars
     (2 Reviews)

    CamelBak's minimalistic Classic has what you need for no-hassle, no-hands hydration. With 70 ounces of liquid capacity, the Classic holds the equivalent of three water… [more]

  • Wahoo Fitness TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

    The TICKR heart rate monitor is the most advanced way to train. Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ dual-band technology, it connects to most smartphones and GPS… [more]

  • MSW CP-100 Platform and Clipless Pedals

    Different rides call for different footwear, which is why MSW's CP-100 Platform and Clipless pedals accommodate any shoes you've got. On one side, you've got a stable,… [more]

  • Kart Water Pump Bearing #608

    Water pump bearing for most axle driven type of water pumps. #608 bearing. [more]

  • Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP Bike Trainer
    Product Rating
    4.5 stars
     (143 Reviews)

    When the skies open and conspire to spit on a solid day of training, you can sit back and smile—because you're prepared with Wahoo's KICKR SNAP Bike Trainer. It was… [more]


Layaway - 00

Scott Bicycles

Scott Aspect 780 - 2018

Get out and have some fun aboard Scott's Aspect 780. The light and strong… [more]

Scott Aspect 970 - 2018

Hop on the Scott Aspect 970 and discover where the path leads. The light,… [more]

Scott Speedster CX 20 Disc - 2017

Mud, mayhem, hand-ups, barriers, and the din of cowbells — Scott's… [more]

Product Rating
4.0 stars
 (1 Review)
Scott Spark 950 - 2018

The Spark 950 has a super light alloy frame and features a Fox Float shock… [more]

Diamondback Bicycles

Diamondback Impression - 2017

Nothing makes an impression on a little kid like a getting a brand new… [more]

Diamondback Tess 24 - 2017

Diamondback's Tess 24 is aimed at growing girls who want nothing more than… [more]

Diamondback Jr Venom - 2017

What happens when you mix a BMX bike with a moto?—the Jr Venom may just be… [more]

Diamondback Lil Impression - 2017

This colorful bike will definitely bring a smile to her face. Frame: New… [more]

Raleigh Bicycles

Raleigh Detour 2 - 2018

The Raleigh Detour 2 prioritizes your comfort with a focus on function,… [more]

Raleigh Merit 1 - 2017

Set your goal, throw a leg over Raleigh's Merit 1, and discover a whole… [more]

Raleigh Venture 2 Step Thru - 2019

When it comes to riding bikes, the Venture 2 Step Thru is as comfy as it… [more]

Raleigh Raleigh Venture 2 - 2019

When it comes to riding bikes, the Venture 2 is as comfy as it gets.… [more]

Cycle Cave has a great selection of karts and kart parts.

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Kart Water Temperature Inline Thermostat with 10mm Probe

Inline thermostat with 10mm temperature probe for connection to gauges [more]

Kart Counter Sunk Bolt
$0.40 - $0.95

Counter Sunk Bolts [more]

Kart 8mm Wheel Studs

8mm studs for wheel nuts. [more]

Kart Throttle Cable

Small end throttle cable that fits most carburaters. 1.2x2000mm long. [more]